Toggle Unit Shield & Toggle Unit Intel Keybinding Issue

Hi all!

Need a solution.

In Key Bindings menu I have assigned Toggle Unit Shield to a specific key, but it doesn't work. I select a Shield Generator and press the assigned key and get no results, shield dome stays on.

Same goes with Toggle Unit Intel: key assigned, radar selected, key pressed = no results.

Maybe I am doing something wrong?
However, those exact key bindings work in the LOUD Project.

So baaaad....
People wanna be allowed to stack teams to get easy wins, real shame...

Fuck this, I am out, indefinitely.

this "stack" problem man,
if you don't want "stacked" games,you can always join the opti lobbies,i am pretty sure there're a bunch of opti DG out there as i usually hover in discord,watching streams there,i can't tell why you even tap on the "x" button whenever you see a stacked game?
DG is quite easy to gather,quit,host your own,start in the next 5 mins lol,not that it takes 5 hours to get a game.
morever,isn't it better to play against "stacked" teams? you eventally get better and carry,isn't THAT the best experience you can get in any game?
why would you bind the toggle shield anyway? you can manually wait for 2-3 fire cycles and then they will automatically adjust,i'd strongly recommend to just play the opti games if you don't like premades and you want to have fun

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like: