Clan managemet error retreiving clan information

Self explanitory, for some reason i cant invite new players because i cannot use the clan management tab.

This is definitely not Self explanitory. What are you doing? Make some screenshots. Tell me how to reproduce it....

I mean I can use it and it works fine


took a snip but not sure how to add it here

Now it says, "error, the clan your viewing is invalid or does no longer exist"

The name of my clan is Tier 2



Btw u add an image by clicking "Replay" there is a button for image upload then


  1. Press F12 (chrome)
  2. Load the page
  3. Make screenshot from console and network tab


I really hp[e someone can help me with this, been dealing with it for days.

U still dont know what the issue is. You click the manage my clan button and then what? Nothing happens? Also please consider making the screenshots of the developer console.


its somewhat solved. Logging out and logging back in seems to fix the issue. If more than 15 minutes goes by then i need to log out and log back in again.