600 Ping To Same Country Host

Getting 600ms ping to someone a few hours away by car, near as I can tell from my research, I'm being forced through an ICE relay in US back to Aus doubling my usual 300 MS to the US.

I've attached every unique log i can find and have been through the less than helpful wiki looking at latency issues I don't get this issue connecting to US hots


The countermeasures to stop recent DDoS attacks on the server don't allow for other turn servers other than the one in germany to function. We are working on a solution and will post soon.

@p4block is it at possible for a quick explanation as to why the peer to peer fails in this game when for example, Warframe which also uses peer to peer has never really had issue like this to my knowledge? Because to my lack of understanding/knowledge of networking, there should never be a need for a relay full stop? But then I know sweet fuck all about this sorta thing.

In the ideal scenario, your game packets aren't relayed through our servers, but you do need an external public facing server in order to establish a connection between two players behind your typical home router.

The issue comes with people with dysfunctional ISPs and/or ISP router which don't allow for this (UDP Hole punching) to happen, then we need to actually proxy the entire game from every user to every user in a centralized manner. This is surprisingly common nowadays, sadly.

Having more servers to bounce the game helps, such as the australian TURN server. We are working to get more alternative turn servers running. Yesterday we were testing one for a while and got good info. We will post an update soon.

@p4block thanks for the explanation that actually clears a lot up for me about the way networking works with regards to FAF(at least the basics since its a very complex thing from what i've read/heard)

@Krieggs You can give this a read: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/2264/moved-to-australia-is-it-still-possible-to-play/7
I get asked this question about the inner workings of the ice adapter quite a lot, I think I should write that down in the Wiki in more detail.

Having issues with connectivity / ICE? Talk to me.