First Campaign cannot start after edit

I edited the map by just adding several units for UEF, Order, Seraphim. After I save in faf editor, I edited script.lua also to spawn the units by using scenario.utils.createarmygroup or unit. However, as I start the game to test the map It got stuck at first spawn ( Uef player base) then it does not continue or spawn the whole setup. Is there something I missed after adding units using faf editor and script.lua. I checked everything and also increase the unit caps of uef, order, seraphim in order to avail those units. I need help since im just a beginner in editing the campaign maps for supcom fa.

Make sure to check the log for errors (F9, or check F1 for 'log'). If you made a mistake the script will stop executing once it encounters said mistake.

For future questions it is best to add the current state of your project as a .zip. That way we can more easily identify the source of the issue.

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