AI Development Guide and M27AI v74 Devlog

v73 update
Mini-update - fixed incompatibility with M28 (that could break M28 if they were both in the same game), and updated some hardcoded values on energy storage to reflect the recent FAF balance changes requiring more energy for overcharge.

Hi, i played a game with M27. He builded some satellites and fired at my T3 arty. The satellites did damage to all schields and not only to the one it hits. it would be nice to take a look.

@laso If the shields overlap then that's a FAF game balance feature - when 1 shield takes damage, any overlaping shield takes a percentage of the damage (around 10% I think)

@veteranashe While it's still far weaker than a human, the latest version of M28 (v32) should do better on 1 mex maps

v74 Update
Minor bugfixes that I noticed when I was testing M28 against M27 (relating to the FAF mobile factory change and the Aeon gun upgrade change)

v75-76 updates

  • v75 - AI ratings support added
  • v76 - Fixed an issue with M27 tracking weapon fire events (to support a relocation of the underlying code in FAF that took place last summer)
  • v76 - Fixed the warning message given to allies when a nuke launcher is detected, so instead of saying "M27OverseerEnemyNukeLaunchers" detected, it will now give the name of the unit.

v77-78 updates

  • v77 - Fixed a bug caused by a change in category in the paragon
  • v78 - Fixed a rare bug that could break M27's engineer logic

So any advice (or examples) on setting up custom units to be used by the AI, as I'm sure this has changed since I was last around.

@Resin_Smoker Enable the mod with the custom units.

I.E. M27 and M28 should automatically make use of custom modded units, provided the categorisation of the custom unit blueprint aligns with a category M27/M28 is trying to build (the majority of the time I’d expect it to). You could use unit restrictions to disable default versions of units to make it more likely it picks the modded version instead but M28 will handle unit restrictions better

@maudlin27 So just the unit categories is all that's needed... nice!

Now if someone could fix the custom unit icons so they work without having to copied into every factions folder that would be sweet.

Just a note that if you want to play M27 you'll need to play it on FAF Develop, as the last FAF release broke certain AI functionality and means M27 won't work. This should be fixed in the next FAF release.