Seuton´s air

So i usually used to get air factory 1st building making engies all the time, then I get 2nd factory getting 1 scout 4/5 intis patroling the map making a wall of Inties (who i tought was really neat cause no lvl1 scouts or drops could make it past, 3rd factory making only bombers, and 4th fact making only intis to help my allies, then i would rush lvl3.

Sometimes the T1 bombers just straight win the game if mid players get agressive or if one side player tries to drop on side island but people seem to flame you hard if you build T1 air expecialy if they have high ELO.

I saw a youtube video... so im suposed to get 3 land fact build engies all the time get +/- 100 of them get RAS and then get t3 air and start making ASF? Is that the only acceptable way of playing air?
Last game i got flamed cause i started air fact. =\

hey, if is your sertons air build you want to improve one i sudject checking out higher ranks games so you can see thier build orders <--- this replay is an 1800+ game so you can see how air is played at a higher level and should show you where you can alter you build

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The air balance in FAF is a tad strange - the person with ASF just wins. When you do not rush T3 air you can't help your team in the long run as you just get outmatched in every fight you take. A decent build will have its first ASF at minute 10. A good build earlier, see also the replay from Rowey 🙂 .

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@rowey So tagada spent all game Ecoing just to get T3 com droped, lost his T3 power and quited LOL, the game didnt even reached ASF stage, T1 bombers would made a diference on mid =\

It is about the first few minutes. For a more regular game, watch me or my air opponent in these:

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

What you are doing is being better in the short game, so you have to win it quick, if you don't the other player will build up some asf wipe your inties, then start winning the game because they will probably have air and better eco for the rest of the game.

The problem with your current strategy is that any "high level player" will see what you are doing and counter it. The way air works is that your opponent can just rush out a T3 strat bomber by minute 9-10, and then kill all your teams mexes. All the while you only have T1 air, which is too slow to ever kill a decently microed strat bomber. Many games in the 800-1200 rating bracket end by one air player getting his first strat out before the opposing player can build his first ASF. The sad reality is that the only counter to a T3 air rush on a map like sentons is to rush T3 air yourself. Any mass spent on T1 air is just delaying you from getting to T3.

If you like to play more aggressive, try smaller maps.