Desync Issue

I have desync problems with Total Mayhem: only one of the friends I play with desyncs whenever we try to play with Total Mayhem. Every other mod we have used so far seems to be working fine.

We have reinstalled all that mod, all mods, the FAF client, the game itself, and made different people host the game.

None of that fixed the desync.

Thank you very much in advance.

My log:

The person who is causing the desync:

Try manually removing the mod from both of your mod folders and then reinstall it. If you have tried this feel free to ping me on the faf discord in technical support and I'll try help once I'm awake

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Make sure that all of the players are installing the same exact mod files. Perhaps one of you has a different version of Total Mayhem. The one friend who has the desyncs, he should delete the mod files and get a new copy of the mod files from you.