Fronts error. Please help

Greetings to all!
There was a problem with fonts. I downloaded FAF to my computer for the first time. The fonts were very strange, i.e. there are no fonts at all. I was able to log in to my account and change the language to another one. The only language that works is Chinese..? Don't know. I searched the forum in the squeaks of the same problem and found a similar one, but I did not understand how to solve my own. I downloaded fonts, climbed into the registry. It didn't help. Please help anyone who can.


This might be related to this known issue

The font has become corrupt for some reason when the program was installed. Unfortunately currently we have no idea why this occurs for some users. Maybe try a clean reinstall by deleting all the installation folders?

Yes, I just deleted it, deleted it completely, changed the destination folder. It didn't help