Recently, I’ve been getting ideas for a mod involving Supreme Commander. The catch here is that it’s like a continuity for an anime mecha series. Although the original nowhere near close the scale and style of SupCom: FA, I have worked on the idea more than enough to make it work. Or at least made great strides to have something I can use.

The project is called Firesong, and while having a number of units like those of the canon SupCom factions, there are only two factions that have their own separate styles and compositions. Respectably, these are known as the Aura and Mana factions.

A summary of the story is, for those who won’t be familiar with the series.


*A long time ago, an apocalyptic war broke on Earth, nearly destroying all of civilization and its inhabitants. As an atonement for their actions, the survivors decided to clean up the world they once destroyed. These survivors became known as the people of Aura.

However, peace was completely short-lived. An evil man abducted the leader of Aura, brining her into another world where she was used for a new civilization. This new human race became known as the people of Mana, believed to be gifted with her powers. Naturally, the people became corrupt and used their power to live complacently and step on anyone who were different from them. Fortunately, the people of Aura came to rescue their leader and destroyed the civilization that explored her, leaving the survivors in violence and ruin.

Content with the rescue of their leader, the people of Aura thought there would be peace. However, despite being on separate worlds, even that would be short-lived. For reasons unknown, those left behind of the false world managed to regain the power they once lost, only this time, it was something they could use in their own. It’s was only a matter of time that their reinvigoration turned into a desire for blood, putting the True Earth in their crosshairs.

Several years later, while their leader remained in an eternal sleep, a rift opens up to pour in countless of waves of machines from the other world. With Aura captive once more, the forces of Mana began a liquidation of the True Earth’s residents, starting their quest for revenge. It’s only an matter of time before the forces of Aura retaliate, waging war against the False Earth once more.*


I already have the Mana side taken care of, save for a few units and buildings that I missed. For the Aura side, I only have their T4 Experimental Units and Structures, but that should change some time soon.

wow bin sehr gespannt auf den Mod