NewsHub Contributors

Hello! I'm Javi and as you may have seen, lately FAF newshub has been pretty slow / showing old events and not really getting updates. Currently the Newshub is working with two people (Fury and I) when we used to be a team of four. Nonetheless, we are looking for ANYONE that can help with any of the next:

  • Linking videos, tournament posts or other FAF contributions that you think would be interesting for most FAF players.

  • Writing a title and a small descriptions (1-2 sentences) for news such as tournaments or an amazing cast.

  • Creating Images/Media for the newshub (such as simple images with a text or something related to the news being presented).

Here below you can see an example of all three things together.


You can help us whenever you want and how ever you want, you don't have to be the next bestselling book author or Leonardo Da Vinci in photoshop. We are just looking for people that want to lend a hand to FAF and this is a very good yet easy way to give back to the community.

You can either post your discord tag/contact info and what you can do OR join the FAF Newshub Discord at

FAF Website Developer