Cannot connect to any game.

I've recently installed the FAF client but I've found that I cannot connect to any game. Regardless of what I try, my client hangs at the "Connecting" screen forever. I tried to connect to a friend's game and they get the "Connecting to Lukeus_Maximus" message, but I never appear in the game.

I've tried the following:

  • Port forwarding UDP for ports 6112, 9103, and 30350-30351 to my machine.
  • Connecting with and without my VPN turned on.
  • Connecting with "Force Relay Connection" turned on.
  • Allowing the FAF client and SupCom FA programs through windows defender firewall.

The advanced-ice-log files are filled with "INFO: timeout for pair: <snip> failing." messages but the set of connection candidates is received ok. I can provide these log files on request.

Maybe provide those logs. Are u using win 7? Also I heared having virtual network adapters or multiple network interfaces messes with finding a way to connect.


@axel12 How can I provide these log files to you privately?

You can chat with someone directly by clicking on their blue username (which brings you to their profile) and then clicking on the chat button.

pfp credit to gieb