T1 bombing reclaim on GAP

So if you are on front and reclaim the big rocks the ECO+Anti nuke guys gets mad.

Last 3 games i played enemy uses T1 bombers to destroy the reclaim cause the ECO guy engie takes a lot to arrive.

Should i start reclaiming the big rocks?? its better than losing them to t1 bombers...

Reclaim, so it does not get bombed, then give mass to eco slot so it does not get mad, and maybe then eco slot does not even need to send engineer...

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If the enemy team bombs the rocks then whoever built the bomber should be losing their 'lane' due to the early bomber.

As ZLO said, front com reclaiming and sending mass could be quite the optimal play -> haven't yet seen it happen.

Even if ECO loses the rocks they should still be able to build and load an SMD against a nuke rush.

It used to be on gap front got all of one group of rocks but now its meta for eco to get most. Front can still take 1 or 2.