Need help with my faf suppcom


Hello, and wow empty topic's here 😮

Well, here is a quote I wrote on FAF Discord that I have not got a solution for still.
I am still trying to search on google for answers ofc.

Okay, so I moved my supcom to a SSD drive, I got "appdata" on another drive and I reinstalled dawnlord's client to the same drive I now have supcom on. I think this is the dumbest thing I have done. Cuz now I cant even play 1 round with or without mods. Comes middle round and it frezzes or just crashes. And if it crash I get default video settings, something I need to run Vanilla supcom fa on steam to change. I cant change settings with FAF at all now. After ok or apply than ok. It still turns back to vanilla settings. Any one know this issiue or any1 got a fix for this?


Since it is in game it is 99% not the client's fault. Probably hard to tell what the error is? Did you log in the game.log?



@Papagon2 said in Need help with my faf suppcom:

Okay, so I moved my supcom to a SSD drive

You "moved" it? Like, by hand? Copy-paste?

I would try uninstalling and reinstalling. Even now that it's already moved. Probably something didn't move or didn't get moved properly.