Help Please

Hi does anyone know how to fix the steam link to faf?
I have made my profile public on steam but it's still not linking. Any help would be appeciated Set evetyething on you end to match the image then try the steam link again .

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I have done that and still not linking

Do you own a copy of the game "Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance" in the Steam library for that account?

What error message are you getting? For example, is it telling you that the Steam account is already linked to a different FAF Account?

Yes i do own a copy and faf says error you do not own a copy very strange

This is most likely to not making it public in settings


As people already mentioned your game list needs to be public. Also make sure that you actually own the game. If it is in your game list because it is family-shared by a different account it won't work.

Well i have done what you have all said and nothing has changed sadly i think its time to move on to another game then