You really want a FAF account badly

Video descibing how to get a FAF account while it is broken


For those curious axel12 is a member of the FAF dev team so feel free to use this without worrying about breaking something. Hopefully the real fix will be done soon.

thank You, i legit was resorting to using a password generator for my friend tryna get into faf for the first time

Well done @axel12.

I thought about actually logging in on the page to get a token to access the API for registration, but well, if it's just an UI issue.

Consider renaming the video from "hack" to "workaround", sounds a bit more friendly to people who see this and am unsure if this is gonna cause any issues to FAF.

Having issues with connectivity / ICE? Talk to me.

Website registration without the workaround should be back up now