Helpful links for learning how to improve at FAF

How to improve forever - Blackheart's 6 laws - 1,816 words

Heaven's Video Tutorials - 60 videos (between 3 and 54 minutes each)

TheForgedAllianceColonel's Tutorials Playlist - 28 videos (between 2 and 29 minutes each)

UI mod guide for the improving player - 492 words

Ladder 1v1 - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Topics - by arma473 - 27,175 words

Video intro to some basic concepts in FAF - <5 minutes

FAF Guide - In-depth explanations of basic FAF concepts - 5,276 words

BRNK's Tutorials - 19 videos (between 5 and 72 minutes each)

Все туториалы / Zlo's Tutorials Playlist - very large playlist of videos from numerous sources (many are in Russian) / очень большой плейлист видео из многочисленных источников (многие на русском)

Active Trainers Contact Page - list of trainers

Gameplay and Training Channel in FAF Discord - a place to ask questions and learn things

If you have additional helpful links for learning how to improve at FAF, you can add them to this thread and I may add them to the OP (this potentially includes some particularly useful replays to watch (just ones that would be very efficient to learn from though)), thanks!

pfp credit to gieb if you can't find tutorial on certain topic... here is playlist of all tutorials i have found (probably not exactly all tutorials but probably most of them)
Most of them are outdated tho, many are on russian.

TA4Life: "At the very least we are not slaves to the UI" | |

WiseOldDog's guide
is not about gameplay itself, but about the time and mindset between games. A very valuable and short read.

Heaven's Guide about generic build orders.
He made a lot of tutorials (see above) but this one specifically is great for new players as the first couple minutes of every game just matter so much.

BRNKoINSANITY's "Weirdly Specific Tutorials for Supcom".
As the name implies, tutorials about niche topics. Sadly there are not a lot of them.

Jagged Appliance's impromptu com drop tutorial on stream.
How to com drop a T2, T3, TML com. Relevant for 1v1 and team games.

nine2's guide to writing your own custom hotkeys,
if the build in ones are just not enough for you. Very technical and nothing a new player should concern themselves with. I just put it here for completeness sake.

Here are a couple of (somewhat) recent Jagged streams on the topic:

FAF Sandbox
FAF School

@emperor_penguin said in Helpful links for learning how to improve at FAF:

Ladder 1v1 - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Topics - by arma473 - 27,175 words

This one is great. It's like my bible right now.