FAF crashes trying to host a game

I'm trying to get my work laptop set up to play FAF. I've got FA itself downloaded via Steam and working, given some fiddling. I've also got Downlord's FAF Client installed and mostly working. But when I try to host a game I get an error.

The log only contains:

warning: Running "C:\ProgramData\FAForever\bin\init.lua" failed: PERSONALSHGetFolderPath failed: 
         stack traceback:
         	[C]: in function `SHGetFolderPath'
         	C:\ProgramData\FAForever\bin\init.lua(144): in main chunk

It's because my 'Documents' folder is on a company network drive. The client can't connect properly when I'm on my work VPN; but when I'm not on my work VPN, I can't access the 'Documents' folder that it wants to open.

Is there a way I can tell FAF not to look in that location? I can't just edit the init.lua file because it gets rewritten every time FAF tries to start.

All ideas gratefully received.

being fixed now,hold on,no need to spam

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Thanks for the quick reply @Rezy-Noob. Don't think this issue has been posted before - I've searched the forums pretty hard already. Definitely won't spam tho 😉

@Capt_Bucky_OHare unfortunately that path is currently hardcoded into the game as the original supcom fa data folders are placed into your documents folder. There is some work to make that not the case in the future but at the moment it uses the documents. The other option you could try may be to turn on the vault fallback location in the client settings as that will use the program data folder but fa itself will still look for the documents folder.