Sticking-Camera Magic

Hi there,

my second post and as always only demanding:

Can any programmer do a magic to the Camera view of Supreme Commander, so that it sticks to the view?

THAT would be a nice upgrade!


I don't understand.

people can't read minds and English requires incredibly specific context to be understood.

"stick to the view"?

in this sentence what's a "view"? what would the camera "sticking" imply?

I suppose you mean that if you zoom out too far the camera angle resets which you can setup for a more cinematic view when you are zoomed in.

There is a console command that allows this, but no longer renders (strategic) icons such as mass extractor positions:

  • cam_Free (CTRL + V)

And I think there is a UI mod out there too, from nine2:

  • Additional Camera Stuff

But I'm not sure if the latter allows you to do this.

Keep in mind that your choice of words (given this and your previous post) suggests that these are awesome changes. They are awesome changes to you, not necessarily to everyone here 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Yes ,i mean no reset to the angle etc. Would make a great feature to upgrade the game to the state of the other ones, as the Strategic Map does the work of "Stick to view".

Thx, will try the both 🙂

Well, comfort is a great deal breaker for some. I think as long as there is still not a SC Crusher, maybe there would be more audience to win for SC, by changing some specialties, which the "crusher" should bring to even be considered.

Me and friends thought "Ashes of singularity" would do it, but it is still FAR BEHIND what SC does by now.

That's would be my attack angle.... 😉


I mean there's ctrl-V.

Have you tried that?????

when you do ctrl-V you can do spacebar-camera-rotation at any high, and it sticks when you zoom in and out.

by default it disables the icons but if you disable that mode (ctrl-V again) it keeps the camera angle AND you get the icons (but if you use spacebar again then the camera angle will be reset when you zoom out because you're in the normal mode again)