Suggestions for hidden gems for a trailer



I've made several trailers for various maps in the past:

My aim is to make one larger trailer that doesn't focus on one map, but on various maps from various authors. The maps in question should be 'hidden gems', maps that you do not see often but are still very much worth playing. My question to you all is to submit map(s) + replay(s) + timestamp(s) of those maps that you feel should be part of this trailer. I'll pick and choose maps / replays / timestamps as I see fit.

You can make suggestions until the 23rd of June - after that the production will start to kick off!


Pelagial v2 is good navy and highway to hell is a great small 2v2 that dont see much play. It is really nice looking too. For 3v3 there is crash site. Would love to see these maps get some love


Highway to Hell - great suggestion! If you happen to know a good replay or two along with a timestamp then that is appreciated.


Madness of course 😉

On Madness -8-:

Stamps (around these times)
26:50 cruiser kills strat
28:42 spider wins game

On Madness -2-:

Constant action throughout the game.

Around 10:30 min there is a nice ACU dance.


Great trailers so far btw!


Thank you! I liked Madness 2 in the past - another keeper!