Running FA without a GPU

Windows has a feature called WARP. It is a fallback software rasterizer that is able to render games on the CPU. It also supports up to Directx 12. Maybe you remember a LTT video where they ran Crysis on a threadripper CPU. It was quite stuttery.
But FA is a lot easier to run than Crysis. On 1080p min settings I was hovering around 15 fps when zoomed in and 20 fps when zoomed out. Reducing my resolution yields 25-30 fps when zoomed in. That is actually playable if you are a die hard fan of the game.
I am running on a Ryzen 5 5600x, quite a powerful six core cpu. So don't expect this to work anywhere near usable on a 4 core intel 6th gen cpu. But if you are willing to go a bit higher, either 12 core 5900x or maybe even 2nd gen treadripper you will probably crack the 30fps in full hd. Usecases Idk. Maybe you have a friend who has a pc but no graphicscard and you can convince him to play this game with you, cause it will run.
The easiest way to test it on your system is to disable your GPU in the devicemanager. Windows will automatically switch into the CPU render mode. For me it is still able to pass the signal through the Graphicscard output. I haven't tested it on my mainboard output yet.

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your talking about the cpu's with gpu on the same die.....

no, 5600x doesn't have a gpu

No Ryzen Chips have a GPU unless it the Dedicated APU Line that has a G on the end

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