Eco Manager / IdleEngis drawing incorrect screen-filling black boxes

Hey there, upon some trigger that I don't know of, some T2 mex upgrades and Engineer labels get drawn incorrectly. The black box meant to act as a background seemingly gets negative variables, and the black label gets drawn infinitely.

The only way to fix it in-game is to destroy the unit and rebuild it. It also happens regularly on replays when I switch players, potentially it has something to do with it getting overloaded? anecdote anecdote
ForgedAlliance_kh4CqIxiKj (Medium).png ForgedAlliance_gNYfuFKUeU (Medium).png

turn off and on ecomanager in the option.
change the state of the engies/facto by making them active or inactive.
That solve your issue.

@keyser I'll try that out next time it happens, thanks.