New Player Councilor Discussion + Removal Announcements

I’m going away this weekend to celebrate a family member’s wedding, will be unable to write a closure until Monday.

I’ll follow up with a post then on the following:

  1. Any unanswered questions/concerns in this thread

  2. A sample event and rationale schedule for the next year per Swkoll’s request

  3. “What would I not do if not elected and what would I do” to help people understand and clearly express I do not intend to deviate from supporting the community should I lose

  4. A list of 5 questions for FTX since he does not want to have a voice stream debate

Sorry to all but a family wedding takes precedence over this election.

It was just a day ago, but at the same time it is over 30 posts ago that Morax requested I say a little bit about the upcoming league system. It's true, I and many others have been working on it. It will probably be ready in the next months. Basically it will provide divisions and seasons for the players like almost all competitive games do.
This will not remove the trueskill system, but it will hide it from the players in favor of their division. This way we can hopefully provide a better sense of progression while also making the system easier to understand. No more "why do my teammates get a different amount of points than I" and the like.
There is no plan to have a global rating division system. So the divisions would basically only exist for the matchmaker queues. That does however not imply anything about what you will see when you join a custom game. It's basically an added feature for the matchmaking system. Changes to how the custom games rating system works could be introduced at the same time, but are not necessary.

@ftxcommando said in New Player Councilor Discussion + Removal Announcements:

Do you see this inclusion of this information as having zero impact on my decision-making as a player? I have no inclination to avoid searching because a player I often underperform against is online? Someone who is 200 rating above me is online?

Yes, I do see it having an impact on decision making as a player because that's the point. There's no rating manipulation with what you just said - no one is magically going to jump hundreds of points because of avoiding one person who beats them. Low rated players can't leapfrog between each other to become 2k anymore than they can now. What it does mean is that in a hypothetical 4v4 queue I can see if it's actually worth queueing instead of wasting time in a queue that has 10 500 rated players in it and zero 1400+ players or whatever. It does mean that it's easier for players to decide whether they're going to queue or not, and furthermore can encourage people to queue when they see people around their level queueing. The Java client's ability to say if someone your level is queueing is nice, I'd argue that both bringing that back and expanding on it would be beneficial.

With regards to C, you already have this time due to the introduction of a wait time that counts down. You are not suddenly and randomly thrust into a game. You are always put into a game at a set interval that counts down from whatever set time. I do not get how going into a game at the end of a countdown from 3:00 improves by making it 3:00 but you also add an increase of a 1:00 delay as well as a confirmation button to confirm you want to play.

I do generally agree, and after talking to a TMM dev about it I really don't care about point C as much

thank f**k it's nearly over good luck to all the candidates

Vault Admin / Creative Team / Map Guru

@keyser It seems to me that you’re just trying to make faint excuses to cover up the fact that you want replace custom games with tmm.

ability to select your opponents : especially in our small community it is very easy to stack game even if the rating doesn't say it is.

So, you want to remove my ability to select opponents, and with who I do play, lol?

It’s been in the game for +8 years, and players got used to it. But removing the global rating can lead to greater confusion and resentment for players.

Stacking games don’t always lead to imminent victory of the host. I’ve seen popular players like Sid, adjusting positions of players in the lobby to the extent that will suit him the best. But what was the result? He lost those games quite often, because the players he relied upon can also have their failures, none can remain perfect.

I enjoyed playing against stacked teams, and winning against them, or losing; because it was my choice to play such games; when I pressed button ready, I was fully aware of the possible outcome of the game, and so do the other players. If players don’t want to play versus stacks, they don’t play against them, simple. I don’t see why this is mentioned at all, and how the global rating is the issue here that is causing it. In Steam supcom, players still stack their games; but without rating it is even far worse there, because there is no limit on how disbalanced game can be. It ends up with a team full of suppositive 1200s playing versus full team of 400. I know this because I have played in steam supcom for over 2000 hours, and lack of the rating system causes real issues with balance.

Global rating allows FAF players to have ability to play with their friends, while also keeping game semi balanced. Without visible global rating, how I am going to be able to balance the games? If I don’t even see what players’ ratings are. Am I supposed to look at their nickname history and check their replay vault? Oh, tmm rating, right. But what if they don’t play tmm, then what? Maybe I don’t want to play tmm, maybe I want to play my custom games. You are not going to tell me that I should play tmm or ladder, I will play what I want. I will play ladder when I feel like it, and I will play tmm when I feel like playing it.

ability to select map : This is a major bias, especially when people keep playing the same map, and reach abnormal rating in comparison to their skill.

What you mean by skill is your subjective assessment; the concept of skill is relative. If a player was able to get a certain rating, then he has the skill of getting it, and a skill that allows him to win games. If you say that this is some kind of wrong skill, then this is just your bias in this regard.

If we would take the majority of the ladder players and place them on Setons or DG, they won’t perform great there, and it will be the same if we do it vice versa.

Players that have chosen to play one specific map, and become good at it/gain rating on that specific map, should be allowed to do so. It’s their choice. They enjoy playing it, and they get their fun. Don’t dictate your own terms.

select your position on the maps, etc

Players often need to choose slots for each player from their party in order to test some tactics. They like to play as a team and carry out the planned order of moves; losing or gaining a rating as a result of the game can motivate them to play to win; the lack of consequences after the game can lead to the opposite.

Some players want to play a predetermined slot; either they like to play for example front or air, or they do not want to play other slots for a number of reasons, then so be it. They are getting their fun from the game, and they still remain within FAF project. Don’t dictate your own terms.

If we want to improve the game, it's going to be necessary to remove (or at least hide) this rating.

Nope. To help improve the game, you need to change the balance that you do solely for yourself, and which has led many players to resent. Hiding the global rating is your initiative to promote matchmaking, and to sideline custom games.

it allow new player to start playing more easily, without getting kicked (help at player retention)

Nope. Step out of your dreams.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have played Steam supcom for quite a lot of time; despite Steam has no visible rating system within the lobbies; I still was kicked from the games for various reasons, and since host doesn’t know how to balance, because there is no certain skill indicator. He has no other option. I have seen it happening to many others, including my friends in Steam, who have had the same problems as me. The lack of a rating will only lead to even more frequent kicks, because players can’t memorize performance of every individual in FAF to account for it. In Steam, the number of hours played in the profile did not say anything. As well as does not say anything about the skill of the player, his number of games played.

It will also help at reducing toxicity in game, especially in custom game where rating aren't at stake anymore. This lead to having custom game being used for what it main intend is : playing chill game modded or not (keeping global rating hidden with auto balance tool will make this game balanced-ish), while competitivness is handled by tmm.

Nope. Step out of your dreams.

I haven’t seen actually any game where with devoid of that something they have at stake except their time will reduce toxicity. But active moderation does. I have played on custom servers in CS GO, unranked games in Apex Legends, and some other games; amount of blame and toxic flux that is coming towards you isn’t reduced.

Same in Steam supcom that has no rating system. Actually, I have seen like either me or someone else was always blamed by team by not playing serious, and n-words and other stuff was thrown at one's address.

The reason why someone would not play serious is a lack rating and visible aftermath of your game. I have played a lot of unrated games in FAF, including modded ones, and those quite often turn into a mess, because not many want to play serious. But people that are playing serious will throw a lot of insults towards those who ruining game for them, and wasting their time. People come to have an enjoyable game, and they get teammates making wall hearts at the base.

The solution here is simple, retain the status quo. After 8 years, the system has shown itself to be very stable, and all the players in the FAF are already used to it.

Hi candidates I have a question about your platform as councilor. As I mentioned in my big toxicity post, FAF has a huge toxicity problem and that is something that many people I have spoken to are fed up with. What do you think we should do about this? @Morax @FtXCommando @Emperor_Penguin

you can't stop toxicity, people will always be rude. Most of your examples were just some dude saying a swear word and if that's your definition of toxicity, and you want to punish this kind of behaviour, faf would lose 99% of its playerbase. Talk about bad player retention.

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FAF's toxicity can definitely be reduced a lot. There have been countless other organizations that have successfully reduced toxicity by restructuring their leadership and using proper standards.

I plan to make substantial efforts to reduce toxicity in our community, and that will be a major focus for me. I plan to bring FAF into better repute and aim to work with the FAF association and the board to bring about important changes to the FAF leadership structure that will improve the situation tremendously. I’ve already spoken with the president of the board (among others) to that effect. I also plan to increase transparency and to work with the moderation team to help bring about substantial reductions in toxicity in FAF:

This might include getting more good moderators by creating rewarding incentives for people to be good moderators, talking with the moderation team about implementing a better system for requiring ‘official’ FAF streamers to adhere to certain non-toxic standards, requiring councilors to act actually follow FAF's rules (and having them removed if they refuse), creating 'safe-space' chats, working with the FAF association to help give moderation the resources it needs to promptly handle moderation reports and moderate better, etc.

This is in addition to my planned changes to make a much better TMM with options that will give new players friendlier more non-toxic ways to get their initial games in and move beyond being grays without getting kicked or criticized so much. I also plan to add fun/casual TMM options that will be more chill and non-toxic environments for people to just have fun and play the game without the stress or drama.

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@emperor_penguin said in New Player Councilor Discussion + Removal Announcements:

This might include getting more good moderators by creating rewarding incentives for people to be good moderators, talking with the moderation team about implementing a better system for requiring ‘official’ FAF streamers to adhere to certain non-toxic standards, requiring councilors to act actually follow FAF's rules (and having them removed if they refuse), creating 'safe-space' chats, working with the FAF association to help give moderation the resources it needs to promptly handle moderation reports and moderate better, etc.

Some of these ideas sound completely unreasonable and/or near impossible to implement. Are any of these things under the remit of the PC? Also can someone please define toxicity.

The discussion period is now closed like I said it would be yesterday. In about a week the voting app should hopefully be set up for you. If you wanted to keep talking about anything please make a new thread.

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