[Resolved]Issue causing Partial Screen Blackout (mods?)

Hi all!

Was wondering if anyone is experiencing this issue where (always) top left of the screen will be "blacked out" after a few zoom in and out?

It happens in replay as well, but I can get it fixed if I select other player, but in game, I can't do this...

Due to I like to play "split-screen" style, all of the mod's UI only appears on the left screen as well... which makes it almost impossible to locate units.
(I'm assuming one of the mod is causing conflict, will try testing each mod as well to see if I can find something...)

Mods I use (Screenshot):
Screen Blackout:

(After some testing, seems like it's UI Party's "Econtrol" causing this?, Will have to play more games to be certain...)

Ecomanagrr mex overlay is causing it

It's the combination of uiparty and ecomanager. Well known bug. Disable one.

Got it thanks!