Single Player Issues

Got a two fold issue I wanted to bring up real quick as I can't seem to find a mention of the issue elsewhere.

The first issue, that I was able to Maybe resolve, is when playing the campaign, I have to go into active mods and Disable the Forged Alliance Forever Mod. Not sure how much of a benefit/detriment that is to the game. This has to be done no matter what other mods are active, as I have tried it with none active besides this one.

The secondary issue, is I like playing single player, but even without mods I can no longer seem to get allies anymore. If i select a team and AI, when I go in game they are always enemies. I've tried to reinstall the game and mod to no avail. Alas this has ruined any single player skirmishes for me sadly.

Any help in these matters would be greatly appreciated, and I do not mind sending any logs as needed. Just need to know which ones and where to locate them.


This mod named "Forged Alliance Forever" is apparently something that should never be turned on. It's apparently safe to delete. It should never be installed and if you have it you should delete it.

Can you post the game log for a NON-modded game, a single-player game where you turned off all SIM mods and all UI mods, but the alliances did not work out?

@arma473 Yup! And That's good to know about the FAF mod, I thought that's where most of the balances from FAF were coming from and I was missing out. 🙂

Where would I go about finding the logs?

Open client > hamburger menu > reveal log folder