An election will soon take place for the Player Councilor role. Apply here.

FtXCommando has been our Player Councilor for a while now, staying on past the typical 1 year period to deliver the Team Matchmaker feature. If anyone is interested in applying for the Player Councilor position, please state so in this forum (or direct message me on Discord) and we will organise a proper election for this position. If we don't hear from anyone by 24/May, we won't have an election and Ftx will stay on as Councilor.


Here are the current responsibilities that I’m managing as Player Councillor and what candidates should expect to either have a plan to directly control or individuals which they expect to delegate the responsibilities to.

FAFLive Management:

  • Creating Events
  • Finding Players
  • Finding Casters


  • Working with potential donors to create tournament formats that both appeal to them while creating the best environment possible for players
  • Working with new TDs to review tournament formats and prevent any scheduling conflicts and avatar issues
  • Working with the current regular TDs to maintain a consistent tournament schedule where funds are properly allotted from the FAF Patreon
  • Understand how to create avatars
  • Investigating tournaments in other games in order to apply lessons to FAF tournaments


  • Collecting funds from a variety of regular private donators, FAF Patreon, and potential external sponsors.
  • Organizing the promotion of the event through a variety of media such as getting casters to mention the event, creating trailers, showcasing it on relevant subreddits.
  • Ensure there are zero potential issues related to TDs or casters failing to show up
  • Ensure that the tournament format is as refined as possible based on prior lessons while also making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible
  • Host and organize the various tournaments that are intended to feed into LotS.
  • This includes the leagues, the league series, and the mini-LotS events at the end of the year.


  • Be active in the training channel and assist new players with issues
  • Foster an environment where you can hopefully grab players that were taught to then train others
  • Maintain the list of current trainers.
  • Write guides and/or make videos and/or encourage others to do so


  • Organize and maintain the various matchmaker map sheets
  • Organize and maintain the matchmaker teams
  • Decide pool breakdowns both map-wise and what queues to implement as options for FAF
  • Ensure that pools are updated at the proper times with the correct maps when responsibility is delegated
  • Gauge player preferences and adjust matchmakers when necessary to foster a fun yet competitive atmosphere


  • Understand the mechanisms of trueskill as well as FAF’s adjustments to the system
  • TrueSkill itself is the building block which nearly all player relations rest upon, as Player Councillor you have a responsibility to at the minimum be aware of any FAF developments to the system in order to understand their potential impact on players
  • Beyond that minimum, you should proactively be collaborating with server developers in order to improve the system for FAF without harming the integrity of the system itself.


  • Be available in as many areas as possible (forums, discord, FAF) in order to both be aware of player issues while also being available to answer questions
  • Have as large of a personal pool of manpower (read: collaborators) that are able to assist in everything from refining ideas to taking over your responsibilities when you are unavailable
  • Collect player feedback as applicable while also being capable of condensing it into relevant information depending on the individual circumstances
  • Act as the pipeline that not only feeds player needs to devs but dev work to players
  • Keep general users aware of the state of the FAF project while also understanding what areas actually need more manpower from general users interested in contributing.
  • Keeping yourself aware both of gameplay trends as well as player attitude trends across all ranges of players


  • As said before, you must act as the pipeline to ensure developers and players are constantly on the same page.
  • Currently this means working on and helping maintain the new Division system being implemented.
  • Giving input to improve the matchmaking algorithm for the upcoming larger matchmaker queues
  • Giving input on the actual design implementation of galactic war and the niche it should fill on the project
  • Working with developers on data dumps and gathering information from data dumps to get a more refined picture of the FAF playerbase and the major issues facing them.
  • Being an individual that developers in general can approach for input about what would best benefit FAF


  • Having a proper collaborative relationship with the respective FAF Councillors in order to understand the scope of the FAF Project, both for yourself and for the general playerbase.
  • Picking up the slack when necessary in order to act as the voice of the Council to the players as well as other contributors while also ensuring you are acting as the voice rather than your own personal view.
  • Acting as the player voice to other Councillors, whether that means approaching the Moderation Councillor over moderation concerns from an individual player or gaining information on a project such as galactic war for the users at large.
  • Often being responsible for coordinating events such as elections or the selection of councillors based on the variety of criteria to be considered a councillor for a certain area of FAF

I probably spend a sum of 16-24 hours a week on FAF administration duties on average. This is with the sunk investment of having already established all the necessary personal connections I need to maintain all of my responsibilities and understanding the various idiosyncrasies of both individuals that I need to work with as well as FAF itself.

As Player Councillor you are essentially the circulatory system of FAF, with the developers as the heart and the body itself as the rest of FAF. Personally I would strongly recommend those interested in taking the position to work with me in Player Councillor duties in order to get exposed to the necessary FAF systems and individuals which will allow them to smoothly transition into taking the role as it might be the most complex role outside of Developer Operations Councillor with many implicit responsibilities in order to keep the project moving forward. You are the person that keeps the gears turning in this volunteer project and are often the one that needs to step in to smooth over issues between various subgroups on FAF or explain why one path is the better path forward. The thing is it's easy to say that in a sentence, but these sort of "faf drama crises" can end up eating up several of your days to resolve. Unlike a boss, people don't actually need to listen to you unless they want to listen to you and for people to want to listen to you on FAF, they need to trust what you're saying actually comes from a well reasoned place that takes a variety of factors into account. Not just you deciding you like person X more or are only interested in decision Y because you are a player that would like that.

With regards to my platform as Player Councillor, I’d like to think that I’m a known entity at this point. Essentially, you get what you have. I can guarantee the operation of the responsibilities I’ve mentioned above as I based it upon what I’m currently doing.

If you’d like me to give larger explanations on specific points, feel free to ask a question in this thread about it. Otherwise, I will wait for opposing platforms in order to understand what decisions in the past, current, or future I need to justify to the FAF playerbase.

"And there is no greater joy than knowing that the onus that you have to bear is what distinguishes you from those who have perished; The adamant chain of obedience and loyalty is the bulwark that protects you from heresy. May this light will further rule your fate by coming to the Emperor's service." - Some Space Marine.

Now. It seems to me that PC indulges himself in unyielding fun from the moment he took on the duty. I'd love to apply.

Yep, making an attempt to return to council here.

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I would like to point out the amount of work that is needed,both Morax and Ftx have done a lot of stuff for FAF.
The time has passed and all that really matters is the way of keeping the track of what has been done and keep it up,it's good to know that people are getting interested in that tho,hopefully we get something to pick up from.

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

To whoever is interested in applying (Ftx, Suzuki, Fancias, Morax, others), go over to this thread and apply!