Replace the flag of Belarus


There will be a lot of text and graphic content here. I apologize for that. But I would like you to understand the reason for the request

Terrible things are happening in Belarus now. The occupation power kills, kidnaps, maims and puts people in prisons. The authorities beat and humiliate civilians and do all this under the red-green flag.

These flags are hung on the prisons in which political prisoners are kept, they are sewn onto balaclavas to punishers who torture people and to police cars in which they beat people.
The occupation administration forces all businesses to hang these flags on their facades and closes those who refuse.

This is what occupied Belarus looks like:

And what these punishers do to people (the spectacle is not for the faint of heart)

Latest news from Belarus:

  • 18 year old girl received 2 years in prison for writing on a fence5f72e0a2-0055-469c-bade-13a04422aee5-image.png

  • 25 year old boy and 26 year old girl got 2 and 2.5 years for the inscription "will not forget" on the road

  • Swiss girl sentenced to 2.5 years for ripping the mask off the face of a police officer

  • A 32 year old boy died after being beaten in a police car. He was detained for not letting paint over the graffiti in the yard of his house. Occupation authorities said he died of alcoholic intoxication...
    The doctor who carried out the examination said that the guy was not drunk and received 2 years in prison for this. The journalist who wrote about it to the press received 6 months in prison

  • The guy got 30 days of arrest for a box on the balcony. The box was in "wrong" colors

  • Arrest for a snowman of the "wrong" color, for running at the "wrong" time, for clothes of the "wrong" color, for a flag on his house, for paper hearts, for pills and flowers. This is now the reality in Belarus

At the same time, the protesters themselves
Unfortunately, no more images can be inserted. But you yourself can easily find on the Internet an off-report or a stream from the protest rallies.

Now in Belarus there is a real struggle between good and evil. Evil appears under the current red-green flag, and good under the historic white-red-white. Wiki

If you stand up for democracy, if you support the struggle of people for their rights and freedom. If you are against dictatorship and tyranny, please. Replacing the country's flag in the lobby is the least you can do for Belarus. Thanks in advance!


FAF isn't doing politic. We use the official flag of the country. It doesn't mean we endorse what a country is doing to his population. If the official flag, would change, then faf will align.


Come on he wrote such a big post show some respect to the Democratic movement


No,we aren't a political formation and this would generate new problems and i bet we have our own at the moment

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Just close this topic!