Any tips for aeon ladder T2 stage?

Do you guys have any tips for aeon T2 stage for ladder? Thanks!

Spam destroyers. Use PD + Shields to not get over-run on the ground.

Blazes are the fastest t2 tank/ground assault bot—great for raiding. I usually make them in the early t2 phase.

Obsidians are more expensive, and require power for their shields; thus, they are better in late t2, or early on maps with a lot of mass where you've overbuilt power during t1. They are one of the strongest t2 units, on par with the ilshovah. If micro'd properly (run in, do damage, retreat for shield to recharge), their worth increases quite a bit. Since they are more expensive and most people have OC by t2, I generally keep them away from the enemy ACU (moreso than other units) unless I'm going for a kill.

Ideally, you have double gun com by the time you reach t2; in which case, once you get your first t2 pgen, throw shield on it. Chrono is also a good option in 1v1s (not so much in multiplayer as an ACU up front is more likely to get sniped), especially vs. spam.

I am generally against firebases, but since aeon TMD are the best, there is an argument to be made for them, if the map is conducive to it.

They have swifties, so you are guaranteed to win air until your opponent goes t3. Raid with gunships and/or mercies, and of course, you can try for a mercy snipe, too.

When playing against a stealthed cybran ACU, you can negate the stealth with the sensors upgrade. This is applicable at any tech level, but generally I find a stealth cybran ACU the most effective/annoying at t2. Sensors is super cheap so it's worth doing it early if you're against cybran, to get a leg up. You sacrifice ROF but you still get range, so you can keep the ACU at range and have it visible.

Blazes can beat mongoose when they are alone. The problem is blazes are useless against mongoose with pillars/shields. ACU range upgrade + OC is a better counter to mongeese on small maps.

Obsidians are really good unless kited or OCd. The good news is that they can survive a single storage OC (they require about 10k energy storage to kill, I think).

Aeon TMD are the best if and only if you can build 2 near each other. This guarantees near invulnerability to missiles. A single TMD can be easily defeated with two TMLs or TMD firing in close succession.

Swifties are not so much better against T1 inties that they are a guaranteed air win. The main advantage to Swifties is that they kill Strat bombers almost as well as ASFs, so having a few swifties on-hand means you won't get obliterated by an enemy getting T3 air ahead of you and rushing a strat bomber. 5 Swifties can shoot down an unescorted strat bomber. 10-15 swifties can take down a few ASF and generally hold the line until you can get T3 air yourself. (Don't try to use swifties to hold against T3 air indefinitely... They get obliterated by half their mass cost in ASF.)