Games Freezes in Four Person Multiplayer with Two Sorian AI

As per the title, the game freezes in four person multiplayer with two Sorian AI after an hour to two hours.

The game does not freeze entirely, everyone can still zoom in and out, click buttons, open menus, select units and place structures (though the blueprints don't appear); however the combat and all unit movement freezes with missiles and munitions frozen in mid air.

We play with the mods Supreme Scoreboard, BlackOps FAF: EXunits, BlackOps FAF: Unleashed and Total Mayhem.

The game does not restart even after everyone but the host drops from the game.

We have replicated this issue three times, using a different host each time. No error message pops up.

The GameLog and ClientLog are attachedgame_14269202.log client.log . Any help with this would be much appreciated, my friends and I love playing this game and it is incredibly frustrating and unsatisfying to play for long periods of time only to have the game freeze.

Thanks in advance.