Engi attack move does not work anymore

Hi All,
So when I start a game and get a factory building engies and attack moving them towards trees it starts out ok, but after a bit of time the attack move doesnt work anymore. The engies just sit there. Same thing when I tell an engi that is already out of the factory to attack move somewhere else - it just walks there and does nothing on the way.

I recently installed the mod idle engies 2 so figured it might be that. But also when I dont use the mod the problem remains. This is really fucking with my Setons games lol

any help is much appreciated

Engineers only reclaim when storage is below 80 or 75% (don't remember for sure)
So if, for example you have full mass bar engineers will stop reclaiming wrecks and srones and will only reclaim trees.
Trees give mass and power so if both mass and power storages are full on 80% or above, enginners will stop reclaiming

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lol that's it...thanks!

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