System Requirements?

I would like to know what the current system requirements are.
The problem is that on very large maps, the game runs slow.
I have a Ryzen 9 3900X processor, 128GB RAM, R7 370 GPU, and 6tb Seagate Ironwolf HDD. The only thing that does not change is the GPU due to the covid issue. The rest is all new.

Game performance is largely dominated by the number of units in the game - NOT the map size. However, since larger maps are often flooded with mass points, this will accelerate unit count growth, and quickly bring the game to the SIM saturation point. For the vanilla game, this starts around 1000 units, in total, on typical machines. This is usually countered by restricting gameplay to smaller maps, with restricted unit counts, and a very small number of AI.

This can also depend on if your playing alone or with other so the game will only run as fast as the slowest cpu in the lobby. You could try speeding things up abit with a ssd and having supcom fa and the faf Client both on them.

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Honestly your hardware is massively overkill for the game and I would imagine if you're playing multiplayer you're not the one slowing the game down. It's an unfortunate downside of the game engine being largely single threaded while doing realtime calculations of all projectiles, pathing, veterancy, and so on. If you're doing unranked games then check out the quality of performance mod, and also take a look at this thread talking about an optimization you can do: