Can't install client 1.4.2

I downloaded the client 1.4.2 from the site (dfc_windows-x64_1_4_2) and when I tried to run it it didn't work.

error message?

If you have the language set to dutch this is a known issue. You can either use any language other than dutch or use the next beta release found here

@LordMaw I had issues with Norton blocking 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 installations from working properly, suggest checking (and maybe temporarily deactivating just for the install) your malware protection.

@Zokora no error, I downloaded the client, double click on it and nothing happens.

get the pre-release client v1.4.3-RC2 as Sheikah posted (you only need to download and run the .exe)

@Amygdala Just now I downloaded the dfc_windows-x64_1_4_3-RC2 from github and I have the same problem, I double click on the client and it doesn't work.

Might be a windows/antivirus safety issue. Be sure that neither are blocking it.

@Amygdala Capture1.PNG Capture.PNG

I disable the antivirus but my client still won't run.

Did you disable only that "file shield" setting or the whole antivirus program?

@Amygdala Fix!


I download the .exe, but the zip WORKS!


Now I will continue the process.

THX for the link!