the sound in the game periodically disappears. What should I do?

There is sound, music in the game. Sometimes it returns, but not for long

Have a similar Problem.
sounds only play like 2 or 3 times then go silent (nuke warning are complete silent ....) It is reproducable also in the Lobby, when you hover over the ready button (2-3 times you hear the little "ping" then nothing)
I have a onboard sound card (Realtek , Asus Maximus IX Hero) and a seprare Soundblaster USB G3 . you can't switch ingame between those two, because Java doens't like that. But even when i switch before the game, it's no different.
Restarts and new drivers already done.
some one got other ideas?

Copy pasted from another forum post.

Could be the infamous sound bug. Try disabling and reenabling audio in bios settings or reinstall drivers:

Of course FAF also only works with stereo sound (no audio enhancements or surround sound), otherwise it will crash randomly. See

What you should do is read the FAQ