About Neroxis map generator...

That's crazy, why has there been a general trend toward moving into hyperrealism in most games? To the point we have now peaked with intentionally not fun game mechanics in Death Stranding 4head.

How about a separate queue for random maps with separate rating. I think that would tickle many people's ambitions.

I would really like a ladder MMR only for random maps. At least test it how people respond to it.

There would hardly be enough variance between RMG and premade ladder to warrant yet another TrueSkill.

The two systems I’d say are viable are:
2 queues, one premade one not, both using the same rating.

1 queue, using premade maps for lower rated players to make the transition of learning the game easier and then transitioning to RMG in higher rated pools.

Just add it. What's the fucking harm. It's literally just another button and a new table. And I guarantee you that people will love it, will start grinding up their random map rating and will be like : Hur dur random map skill best skills .

Just do it it's a good idea and don't be complicated ftx.

Actually it's less complicated to not add another rating

What's the harm? What's the benefit. A person isn't losing 400 rating because he plays random map gen rather than premade maps, regardless of how much some people overvalue their "versatility" against "no life bo farmers." This is about ladder players that play rotated pools of maps they have no control over. Not a dude farming Loki in custom games for 1000 games.

This is a question of reordering the ratings between 5 or 10 players already right next door to one another in rating. Introducing a new rating to accommodate this is a waste of time and a waste of space.

It's fun, it will promote activity and it's easy to implement. Why not??

It's literally a low hanging fruit.

Maybe the next player councillor will take care of it...

I can only hope the next PC puts more effort into his job than you do in your posts.