Where's Total Conversion Mods?

I noticed that there is no Mod that changes the game completely, the overwhelming majority just change the balance or add new units to the original game.
I was wondering if it is possible to have Mod Command Conquer, Star Wars Mod, Lord of the Rings Mod.

I found this one for Forged Alliance: https://www.moddb.com/mods/supreme-commander-world-war-ii
Unfortunately the project was abandoned in 2011, but I believe it can be rescued and improved and finalized, of course mentioning in the credits, also the name of the author.

I always thought the Engine of the Forged Alliance excellent to have air, sea and land battles and it would be excellent 1 Mod WWII, who knows Command Conquer Zero Hora finally with ships already original game could not because of the engine of that game ...

Here's a tip, any Modder that wants to make the first FAF Total Conversion Mod ...


Hello Jack_Jack,

try the SCTAFix Mod from the vault.

(Do you remember Total Aniihilation ? 🙂 )