Mappers: 15km Setons, I will pay


  • I want a 15km setons, 10km is too small, 20km makes the game too long for my friends
  • How we play and so on is not up for discussion/the point
  • I can't figure out how to do it
  • I will pay to a mapper who expresses interest and I choose, with final payment on delivery (paypal)


  • Base areas need to be not annoying to build in (flatness)
  • Mass points tested to ensure you can surround with mass storage
  • I would like it to be adaptive
  • Other than that, just a straight conversion of 20km Setons to 15km.

I am not sure how long something like this would take, can I get some advice on this? Obviously this will effect how much I will pay. Be honest please.

Some people already have made programs to convert maps to different sizes.

This will now take them roughly 10 minutes to make, at most.

You will most definitely hear from them within the next 24 hours.

Thanks for the info biass, unfortunately no one has replied or contacted me in another way yet.

I'm offering at least $50USD, depending on how much work it ends up taking.

Resizing could be done easily the adaptive part would take a little more effort however it is my understanding that this map would not be allowed on the vault so you would need to keep it locally

It seems to me in line with other maps in the vault, Setons Shrunken etc... But that's my opinion, whether it goes onto the vault would be up to the FAF Creative Team. I hope that they see this as a big enough transformative change with no ill-intent and allow it.

Edit: Had some things explained to me in the FAF Creative discord, waiting to talk to biass in there when we are both online.

Thankyou to Sheikah for making this.

If it does get made Github. Expecially as a backup to prevent loss of content due to arbitary removal.