How to point FAF at a different game .exe?

How would one go about pointing faf at a different exe. So when a match is created, instead of running 'SupremeCommander.exe' it runs 'anselintegrationtestapp.exe' instead? Which is pretty much the same exe, just enabled Nvidiea freestyle/game filters for better PostFX control.

Wanna check it out yourself run " mklink /H anselintegrationtestapp.exe supremecommander.exe " in a command prompt inside your supcom folder.

Afaik you can’t. The client needs to verify that the md5 hash of the exe matches the one it pulls from the API, and if it doesn’t then the client will re-download the correct exe and overwrite what you have on disk. This is part of the update system and is very important to ensure games don’t desync due to mismatched exe versions.

maybe replace exe and put "read only on it"
not sure if client will make a critical errror out of it.
can also try python client if it does not work with java client

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I assume by replace you mean 'rename the new exe the same as the old one and delete the old one'. Dunno why, but the name actually matters for the dumb nvidia BS so I cant do that (some programs you can just copy the file and rename it and it'll work, honestly kinda dumb on Nvideas end but I dont think anyone's questioning that).

Only 2 other ways to go about this i know of (apart from just running a different exe) are:

  • Find an acient version of GeForce and snag some 3rd party files to force Freestyle to run on everything (Far from ideal).
  • Or, I assume, The devs of the game need ot contact nvidia and state how their game is Freestyle compatible and to enable it in the overlay (and thats not gonna happen now is it).

Guess it could be added as an option in FAF to "Enable Nvidea Freestyle" and have it make and/or run a different exe. Wanna explore other options before making a different forum suggestion for that tho. Dunno how much work tha'd be for something only a few people may use.

maybe you can make a modifyed version of the cleint
maybe you can convince someone to make modifyed version of the client
name of the exe is probably hardcoded somewhere so you need to just change it...
maybe you (or someone) can literally search trought a source code xD

and we have two clients so you can use either of them as base for modifyed client

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If you allow for the exe to differ and thus the hash to differ there isnt really a way to guarantee the version which could lead to a lot of desyncs. The only solution would be to get the exe then do the wrapping after the version is guaranteed but this could still lead to issues.