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First post. 🐧

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(I'm not involved in Linux Support anymore)

How to install FAF on Linux, start here:
If it doesn't work for you, post the problem in this thread.

And make sure you watch this thread!

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ah you beat me to it! 😃

Funny. I'm developing for work and for FAF on Arch, but to play FAF I reboot into Windows because I'm a noob and don't have the time to read and setup my Arch installation for gaming. 😊

"Nerds have a really complicated relationship with change: Change is awesome when WE'RE the ones doing it. As soon as change is coming from outside of us it becomes untrustworthy and it threatens what we think of is the familiar."
– Benno Rice

@Brutus5000 I'd be happy to step by step it for you, in the olden days it was some 19 steps, now you can just do it in 4.

I'll add a video to this thread soon-ish

Anyone had much luck with effects using Proton 4.11? I tried PROTON_US_D9KV; didn't seem to work for me (RX570). Things like the ACU upgrade effect are invisible.

nothing works! dont even try! : D

those solutions are not worth doing because setting up everything with Proton 5 is so much more simple and everything works better with it. if something does not work, then it does not work with other Proton version either.

@tatsu said something about Nvidia, that Gallium Nine gives you the effects with Nvidia opensource drivers back then. or something like that. so it is in the wiki.

i will rewrite the wiki btw for Proton 5 only, this part too. simplifying stuff. because it just works. SOON™
also you dont need to do the chmod parts either anymore.

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we want free software because that is good for everyone.

Everyone wants freedom but most people have no idea just how enslaved they have become to their computing devices and the proprietary software that controls those devices. The Free Software Movement aims to spread awareness of this issue and to advocate for the use of freedom-respecting software ("free software").

DistroTube basically did a recap of what Richard Stallman used to say on his lectures.
he is not working for Free Software Foundation anymore so he doesnt do than anymore officially.

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Btw guys if we merge @Downlord's PR then the new release would need java 14


latest Ubuntu LTS has openjdk-14-jre in the repo
so it is fine by me.

just ping us for the RC release if you guys dont test it with open jdk

in the mean time everyone checks his/her exotic distro for availability :pp

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U saw the new RC?


Game runs fine, sometime i have exceptions, but not often.
But any mods doesn't work at all. I can see downloaded maps, can download mods, enable them in the FAF, but they just not working in the game. - ice-adapter.log - game.log

@axel12 i saw but i havent tested it.
i have been updating the wiki btw for the 1.2.0 client.
main part is ready. working on the game issues part, simplifying etc

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@Podli enable the Fallback Vault Location in the client setting and redownload your mods (somehow).
was it not enabled from the beginning? oO

exceptions? use the latest Proton version and install Vulkan tools etc:

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@foodlfg i found the issue. Mods is working, but import from FAF to FA active mods doesn't work. I have to enable mods in lobby manually.

ye that one too.

mod dir is here btw:
cd .faforever/user/My\ Games/Gas\ Powered\ Games/Supreme\ Commander\ Forged\ Alliance/mods/

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@foodlfg My client insists on JDK11 so had to install it. Ubuntu 20.04.

yes? what do you want to say with this?
you dont have an old version of java JRE on other distros?

the new 1.2.0 client needs java 14 btw.
i dont know if it is worse news or not. (if you are on Ubuntu 20.04, it is not)

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JDK (or rather JRE) 11 is still default but you can of course choose which version to install.