Swords and minimap not refreshing

Hey, swords and minimap near player names on aeolus doesnt refresh, after asking to few players it look likes we all have the issue (1.4.0 official client).
Only found old issue solved in github, should i create an issue or your guys are aware of that?


If the issue persists for a long time then this could be an issue. Otherwise the other thing to note is that the server doesn't tell us until the game is over for all players. So if you left the game but other players are still playing it will still show you as in the game.

To me it never works in years.
The issue isnt that swords still displaying after the game ended, the issue is that the the only swords / map display i have are the one that were active when i launch the client. It doesnt change/refresh after.

Some other player reading this could confirm or not if they have the same issue.