Lost the chat box notification for ACU Tech Upgrades / RAS notification etc...


I seem to have lost the notificaiton that you get during replays where, when an ACU is upgraded (for example) from T1>T2 it provides a chat box message "T2 Upgrade Started" and then after its complete another notification appears and it tells you how long it took.

The same thing happens when upgrading RAS, Cloak or any of the other ACU upgrades.

I'm pretty sure I used to see it in game and in replay, but now I don't see it in either. I can't seemed to find the setting in the chat options or the UI options.

Am I missing anything?

Grateful for any help.

Thank you.

While you are in a game or a replay, you can access "Notification Management." It is not part of the "Options" menu, it's actually above the options menu. After you open that menu, there is a button in there you can click to enable or disable all notifications. Maybe you clicked that button by mistake? Press it again to turn them back on. Make sure it says "Notifications Enabled."

Perfect! This worked an absolute charm! Thank you so much