About the faf website

I think faforever.com could be a thriving interesting place for FAF players to visit. Right now it is pretty much a dead website imo.

I guess it is geared towards getting new players - but I think that could be done better. First up - who visits our website that we want to convert anyway? Is it some random RTS fan? Or is it someone who already knows about supcom and is wondering what FAF adds over supcom? I am guessing the latter. You see, every year a new wave of kids buys supcom and plays it for a bit and we convert SOME of those people. Our strategy should be to focus on converting lots of Steam people and retaining them. FAF offers a lot over traditional supcom (ladder, replay vault, auto mod management, etc).

So what I would do is make the FAF landing page something like newshub that shows thriving interesting community. We could soup it up to have more live stats (games played right now, number of games in replay vault, active forum posts, youtube vid, live casts). When a steam-user comes to faforever.com they would see "wow thriving community" then a big fat link saying "what is FAF" that would take them to a page explaining all of the advancements we have made over steam FA. At the bottom would be a "what is supcom" just in case some people made it here without knowing.

First of all FAForever.com has a news hub, yes it requires you to click on the link which says news, but it allows the main page to be cleaner and more informative to the user. I imagine a good proportion of people who visit the website for the first time will get all the information they need and the little effects like "Currently hosting x number of players" or the Global map of players show new people that it is active, without pushing important information aside. More isn't necessarily merrier in this case.


I've linked the image above as I think that's the bigger issue at the moment. People get Supcom FA but don't get transitioned to FAF because they don't know what FAF is, let alone get to the website. Maybe its worth using the Official FAF YouTube to just go over what FAF is, where to find it, what are the features and other activity and put it as a feature video so people can come off watching their favourite Gyle video, or watching the Chris Taylor interview to find themselves watching some sort of tour/guide of the client and community where the client can be sold to people who have never heard of FAF before. All it takes is 1% of Yuri's or Gyle's uninformed Veiwers to see that and you have potentially over 1000 people informed about the client.

This is my opinion on how things can be approached so feel free to scrutinise, personally though I think the website does a good job of selling the client. Getting people to the website may be a more effective use of your time at this moment.

Quick other note, the Facebook page and patreon page also seem very lacklustre, Facebook just shares Gyle casts while the patreon hasn't had a post in over 3 years.