How to export Animations from Blender?

I have experience using the current importer/exporter .py add-ons for Blender. Models I am fine and have no trouble with, but I do not see any detailed tutorials on how to use the .sca exporter. I have my model and basic animation set and ready here, but not even the readme file for the add-ons really says what exactly to do. I have never tried this or had any units that required animation before, so this is new to me.

Forgive me for noob questions. I do not know if it might just be as simple as a few clicks or something.

the animation needs to be stashed in the nla tracks for the sca exporter to work

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also join the maps and mod discord server it's eaiser and quicker (relatively speaking) to get answers there

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The latest version of blender doesn't work with the plugins for sca import/export. Blender tells me it's installed but doesn't show up in the available list of scripts in the addons window.

The blender plug inside are version specific hence the reason their is a 2.7 and 2 8 version of tge exporter you will have to wait until someone update it to 2.9 or live with 2.8

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