Ranks for everyone

I want to share with you a thought. I think all the time about how cool it would be if, in addition to the numerical value of the ranks, there were also verbal titles. I think it would give people a new incentive. Let's say the rank of Legend is that of the most powerful players. Provided that this rank will be reflected in the lobby, I think those wishing to get it will noticeably increase, which will lead to an increase in online and efforts in battles. in any case, I've always enjoyed getting promotions. but when from 900 I became 1000 I did not feel anything (((I want to know what others think about it please write.
especially if they are epic)
well, or just beautifully sounding

There was a leagues system that I believe @FtXCommando has been working on reimplementing. I could be completely wrong but either way he'd have more info

Yes, this basically sounds like a league system which is already nearing implementation.