FAF Map Editor v0.703

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This is new map editor that I'm developing for FAF. Its still in alpha, but core of the editor is done. I'm working on more tools and features. Goal is to replace official map editor with this new one and make it to fully work with FAF.
Editor is made with Unity Editor. If someone want to help, then get project from github and send me PM.



  • Everything works with many symmetry options
  • Move/Create/Delete markers
  • Sort Armys with AutoTeam preview
  • Change basic map settings (name, description, map area)
  • Many heightmap tools (paint, export, import, scale heigtmap)
  • Paint stratum layers (painting, changing textures, export/import)
  • Decals
  • Props
  • Units, wreckage and civilians
  • Linear brush
  • Grid, Slope
  • Create Script.lua file
  • Backup old files when saving
  • Loads v60 scmap files
  • High-res screenshoot renderer
  • Gamedata resource browser
  • Adaptive map tools

Known issues

  • Missing NoRushOffsets
  • Missing water waves

How to use

  1. Unpack editor and move FAForeverMapEditor.exe and FAForeverMapEditor_Data where you want.
  2. Run FAForeverMapEditor.exe
  3. Click on "Edit/Preferences"
  4. Paste paths of "gamedata" folder and "maps" folder and click save
  5. "File/Open"
  6. Click on "Search map..." and select folder and scenario.lua file, and then "Load"




alt text


  • Map - Fixed wrong map file version toggle when loading v56 maps
  • TerrainType - Added support for symmetry
  • TerrainType - Added export/import
  • TerrainType - Fixed undo when painting multiple times
  • Markers - Added symmetry support for adaptive tables
  • Decals - Fixed crash when pasting without creating copy first
  • Units - Fixed crash when pasting without creating copy first
  • Units - Fixed bug where new unit name was not saved to save.lua
  • Units - Added support for CodeName and Name in UnitsBrowser search field
  • Debug - Fixed Slope Tool (thanks to Balthazar)
  • UI - Fixed crash when copy/pasting objects when editing text field
  • Preview - Now renders decals
  • Preview - Hide unit ranges
  • Preview - Hide selection boxes & gizmos

Slope tool
Thanks to Balthazar editor now has slope debug tool that works the same way as original editor.

Preview and Render
Finally fixed some issues with preview image and rendering map. It now display decals and hide all editor gizmos.

Terrain Type
Implemented some improvements in terrain types like symmetry and import/export. Also fixed some bugs related to Undo.


alt text


  • Water - Added waves renderer
  • Water - Added waves generator
  • Terrain - Added experimental Generate random heightmap

Finally map editor has support for water waves. Took me some time to reverse engenier how they exactly works.

Generator works simmilar to GPG editor, but with few new tricks:

  • Density - In GPG when we press generate editor spawn waves witch 10% chanse for each possible position in selected ShoreDepth. This allows you to chose how many of them you want to generate.
  • Try prevent close waves - Editor will try to not spawn waves too close to each other
  • Search angle & angle range - Allows for generating waves incoming from one direction with range.

Wave patterns can be replaced or changed in FAFeoreverMapEditor/Structure/Waves/wavepatterns.lua

Wave are still missing Undo/Redo and frame animations, but that will be added in future release.

Neroxis Map Generator
I was working with Sheikah to impelent map generator features. Right now we compiled code to work with faf editor and in near future we should have features like creating new random map, loading biomes to existing maps or props presets.


alt text


  • Water - Added Waves to Undo/Redo history
  • Markers - Added support for creating and editing Weather Generator and Weather Definition markers
  • Markers - Added option to display predefined ranges from Spawn Points (build range, PD t1, t2 & t3)
  • Units - Editor now renders strategic icons
  • Units - Wreckage strategic icons will render with light gray borders
  • Units - Display warning when building is too close to the edge (< 2.5)
  • Units - Double click will select all units inside this group (works with Shift to add to selection, and Ctrl to remove from selection)
  • Units - Changed ranges renderer to keep the size of the dashed line constant
  • Editor - Added Duplicate function (Ctrl + D)
  • Editor - Added Copy, Paste and Duplicate under Edit menu
  • Editor - Added UI Scale in preferences

Strategic Icons
Editor finally renders unit icons with sorting and custom effect on wreckage units.

You can now add and remove weather nodes in editor. Editor will probably never has support for displaying them, because using weather effects (clouds etc.) on maps is a controversial topic. They looks nice but many players hate them, so I don't want to make it simple enough so all 'trash' maps will now had everything covered with clouds.

Quality of life improvements
You can now scale whole editor UI from 25% to 400%.
Duplicate feature will allow for faster copy/pasting of selected props/decals/units.
Spawn ranges will help you find proper distances from mexes and other spawn points.
Double clicking on units group will select all units inside this group so you will be able to faster find what units are inside it. If you want to select all units in a group exept one of its subgroup you can first doubleckick main group and then doubleckick + alt on subgroups so they will be removed from selection.


alt text


  • Map - SaveAs will now also copy all files and folders from map folder and replace their file names and folder name in script.lua
  • Editor - Redesigned how gamedata is loaded, now support custom *.scd and *.nx2 files from gamedata, faf gamedata and mods folders
  • Markers - Fixed WeatherGenerator and WeatherDefinition markers values not being saved
  • Markers - Copy/Pasting markers will now preserve their names but with higher number
  • Markers - Added Effect marker type to create other marker list
  • Units - Fixed crash on some units when loading textures with strange, unsupported DDS format


alt text


  • Decals - fixed flipped preview images
  • Props - fixed crash on loading FAF props
  • Preview - fixed preview image of 80km maps


alt text

I've tried using your program to export heightmaps but I can't get any other program to read what is exported, be it the .RAW file or .R16 container. Claims it is corrupted.

Edit: I have managed to get the .RAW to open in photoshop now.

Also, the link for the wiki article has changed.