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RE: MapGen 1x1 Blitz

Also skrat please add faftd to a admin on challonge page

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RE: King of Setons

Congratulations to Yudi & Tagada for taking victory.

Well played to Foley & Nory for second place and for Swatoslav and various subs for 3rd place.

Thank you all for playing.

Please contact Deribus regarding payment of winnings within 90 days

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RE: Team FFA 4v4v4 Tourney (march 23 17-00)

Nice host same time as an official FAF tourney

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Tournament Schedule 2024

FAF Official Tournament Schedule for 2024

Summer Invitational
Date: May 18th - Qualifier
Date: May 25th and 26th - Invitational

3v3 Tournament
Date: June 15th and 16th (22nd if necessary for overrun)

Fall Invitational
Date: September 7th - Qualifier
Date: September 14th and 15th - Invitational

King of Open Palms:
Date: October 12th

Legend of the Stars:
Date: November
Date: December - LOTS weekend

These dates are open to change and may vary depending on TD availability.

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RE: King of Setons

Current Signups:

Tagada & Yudi
Swatoslav & Lunyshko
Nory & Foley
QuantumTyphoon & Exterminator-Hun

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