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RE: Noob matchmaker queue

what's the point?
TMM has already proven there's no interest in different types of queues

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RE: The RTS Triathlon - A BAR, FAF, and PA event

Congratulations to team Super Delicious for winning the Triathlon!

The final standings are:

  1. Team Super Delicious
  2. Team Subathlon
  3. Team Scone
  4. Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow


Thanks to all the players and streamers who made this event possible. Thanks especially to Dragun, ptaq, and Marshall for helping me organize this event, to IceXuiqk for helping with graphics, and to Blodir for providing music for the stream.

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RE: Supreme Computer Cup

Just an update for the tournament, we are still looking for lots of players who might be interested!

We are also changing the AI vs AI component of the tournament to use a tool that Softles wrote to automate the AI vs AI games. This means AI devs are no longer required to be around to control their AIs. If this was a sticking point for your participation, you are always welcome to sign up now.

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