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RE: Why would you have left FAF?

As far as I remember me starting all of this FAF thing after gpg days,could probably tell that most of it depends on the community you're playing with,since meeting a premade stack while you're still below 200 games is probably extremely challenging as people are likely to play their own game and entertain themselves with building structures/units they barely can afford or just don't have a good strat of using them.
Not to mention that 80-90% of the newcomers are jumping to ''rookie'' maps at the start like gap or craters/pass and get flamed after for not being as good as your ratings says,i have personally received more than 300-400 requests of rating drops so people can go to the start and get a different experience.
As Medicraze said in one of his videos about tips for the new players,ask questions since the high rated community is going to help you with forums posts/useful videos even will go and watch your replays with you in voice chat,marking your mistakes and what should have been done better.

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RE: Unpopular opinion? Team games are harder than 1v1s

let's take a real look at the lobbies:
->40% of the total lobbies are dual gaps;
->40% are astro crater lobbies;
->10% are seton's;
->5% are moded games;
->2-3% are coop/survival/other custom games;
->1%? of the actual lobbies are something but what's above;

I am totally fine with the players that are playing those maps since I basically don't care about them or their performance but have you ever played those maps?
-yes,I did and most of those,as Blodir said,have the same pattern :t3 mexes,9:30 t3 air,18 mins nuke and so on,it's nothing but a huge pattern that can be easily countered by players that can understand what's this map all about.
and the sad thing is that some really good players on those maps have already developed super-effective strats that deny anything but some cheese things,you're just forced to learn that pattern and do the same OR risk and go for a counter which is more likely going to fail.
People on the competitive scene from global have either moved to ladder/tmm or just basically left,you can rarely see a lobby where people select a random map and just go for a more active gameplay.
To resume what's above,how could anyone call that hard?it's nothing about RTS experience,it's just a huge build order with a great efficiency... Maybe I am wrong and I play in a different dimention but I can see 5-6 high rated/medium rated lobbies that are something but what i have mentioned in the beginning which is depressing and without a good reputation it's just impossible to either play in those lobbies (you get kicked due to being a random) or you're not gonna get the players for it (since everyone prefers the ''follow the damn BO")..

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RE: 2v2 Ranked?

@Malkerian tap on play-matchmaking-under the <2v2> or <1v1> there's a big grey button called <map pool>,tap on it,download everything that looks like a closed box

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RE: Unpopular opinion? Team games are harder than 1v1s

@Wainan make t3 eco and watch your team die,that's the motto of today's teamgames process mate,not gonna lie,doing the same stuff and winning with exps

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RE: Lunch or join a game problem.


this problem only happens when you are using the blackops mod? Another player had this problem too. He had to start the game one time via steam, that helped.

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