FAF Champions & Challengers

So following Tagada's BO15 thread and the potential interest behind the idea, I decided to make a more robust structure for the idea of challenging specific players in games that have some weight behind them.

The idea here is that the tournament structure is purely voluntary and that I (or whoever else) will act more as a third party for the verification of funds and arbitrating to make map pools/faction decisions/etc easier amongst the players participating.

How it Works:
Basically, this tournament will revolve around either BO7 or BO15 challenges between players. This is mainly intended for 1v1 matches, however, team challenges are also possible in the case that people are interested.

There is no rating minimum or maximum here, however, I will be enforcing a modicum of expected game quality by utilizing the ladder leagues. You cannot challenge people outside of your current ladder league. For teamgames, I will utilize the mean of all teammates on a singular team to determine if they fall in the same "league category" as their opponents.

Players will challenge players, whether in this thread, on the client, on discord, through a strongly worded letter, whatever. Once the gauntlet has been thrown down and both players agree to the matchup, one of them will post in this thread a date and time for their games to take place on as well as the general conditions of the challenge. It could be a traditional setup where I make a 20 map pool and players can veto/pick maps from that list and just play from there. It could also include conditions where players need to do things like purely play Aeon or only take place on a certain map size or even just a singular map.

However, I do have the requirement that any restriction is run by me and that all games are still considered ranked. That means no sim mods that aren't already considered ranked and no maps that have been unranked.

So aside from the games, another thing people were interested in was the idea of wagering on the games. Now, I'm not really planning on breaking any sort of gambling laws so I will not be acting as some FAF game bookie. However, I am willing to act as a third party for funds in the case of people hoping to put weight behind their matches.


Obviously, the first idea is for it to be money. If two players agree to a challenge, they can both also put money on it and collect the sum if they end up winning. So, for example, if they both put $15 in, then the winner gets $30. In addition, I'm willing to help entice such wagers by matching the wager of players. If the match is deemed enticing and competitive, and the wager isn't outrageous, then I'll add a house bet for the winner to get. Other parties are of course also allowed to put their own money into the games, however, as this is not a casino the funds will be treated as a donation and go fully towards the winner of the contest.

In addition, I refuse to put any FAF Funds into games where I cannot independently verify that funds do in fact exist. That means that I will need both players to send me their wagers through PayPal. We can discuss the logistics of this on a per case basis, so send me a Discord/FAF/Forum PM and I'll talk it out with people as needed.

But FtX I'm a poverty stricken student and my nation is on the brink of collapse. Yeah so what? Get in line.

But really, if you want to wager something less monetary, avatars are also an option. If both players put an avatar (or avatars) up, then they can play for those avatars. It is up to the players themselves to determine the value of avatars, but I don't mind dealing with any debates about the issue. If someone wants to do a 3 for 1 avatar wager and both players agree, then they can do the wager.

Long story short:
Challenge someone, work out the conditions for the games
Post it in this thread
Send me any funds if you personally want to wager anything
Contact me for advice, ideas, or anything you need me to do for your games.

Past Challenges:

  • ZLO v Tagada (BO7, Tagada won honor)
  • JaggedAppliance v deGRONDateNoob (BO7, Jagged won honor)
  • ThomasHiatt v JaggedAppliance (BO7, Jagged won $120)

Current Challenges:

Looking for a Challenger:

  • WoundedElk (1800+, BO7, willing to wager)

Me and Thomas played yesterday, you can check out my POV here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/719165563

The BO7 took a little over 3:30hrs and included a 1:20hr(ingame time) Isis match with an insane conclusion. It was a fun series, the wager definitely added some intensity to the games. GGs to Thomas.