FAF update 1.1.9 installed but it say my version is 1.1.5 or older an i need to download

Hi guys,
a while ago i download the the newest update 1.1.9 but when i am start FAF its appear a disabled login page with the error message that my FAF version is older than 1.1.5 or older and i have to download the newest update to run FAF. Its also appear the download link but when i reload the update its always the same message with the disabled login. Before i haven't any problems to run FAF
System: Windows 10

Please manually uninstall the client once and make sure the folder is deleted from your Program Files folder. Then reinstall the latest version again.

If that still doesn't work please provide logs.

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Thanks Brutus for help. It turns out to work. Before, i uninstalled it but i didn't delete the program folder so far i remember. Now everything is fine.