One lobby only

Ever since the latest client patch 2024.6.2 I am only able to join one lobby.

It goes like this. I start my computer, open FAF and join a lobby. Regardless if I play that lobby or not I am not able to join another lobby unless I restart my computer. If I join a lobby and then close it and try to join another one it will stay on the connecting screen forever. If I play the lobby and that game ends and then I try to join a new lobby, again it will stay on the loading screen forever. I've noticed in my task manager there will be multiple instances of the ice adapter open. I closed them all but still can't get past the connection screen unless I reset my computer and then I'm able to join a new lobby... But only one.

I'm sure I don't have to reset my computer to get around this but the extent of my tech troubleshooting is looking at the task manager and closing anything that might be there. I do that and nothing is open FAF related or steam related.... Everything appears normal

The only thing that seems off is that the the ice adapter doesn't seem to terminate from the previous lobby and I'm getting this just by the fact that when I close a lobby and go to join another one there will now be two instances of ice in my taskbar... Sometimes three or four if I try and join multiple lobbies in a row.

I love FAF and have been pretty lucky with not having any random bugs all these years but this one is sure annoying..... Having to reset my computer every time I join a lobby.