Fix is live for the excessive CPU usage of the ICE adapter


As mentioned by @Brutus5000 on Discord we managed to find one cause of the excessive CPU usage by the ICE adapter when a player leaves. For more technical details:

We do not know why this behavior suddenly started to show. But what I do know is that with thanks to @Ravandel , @Rowey , @Tagada , @Strydxr, @IndexLibrorum and Babel (Discord user) after a few hours across a few days of iterations with Brutus making changes and us testing we managed to find a solution.

We enforced the client to update to 2024.6.1. If you still experience high CPU usage of the ICE adapter then please take the time to do the following steps:

  • (0) Make sure that you are indeed running version 2024.6.1 of the client.

  • (1) Enable the debug window of the ICE adapter:


  • (2) When the problem occurs again:

    • Take a screenshot of what is on the debug window.
    • Take a screenshot of the CPU usage in the task manager.
    • Mention your system specs, specifically the CPU.
  • (3) Find the ICE adapter logs:


And then share all of that information in a new forum or Discord topic. That way we have the information we need to better understand the problem.

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