Mouse problems in the game

Hello, I have a problem that I do not know how to solve, so I need your help. When I play the game (the first 15 minutes), everything is fine for me, but at one point my mouse starts to flicker when moving and because of this, FPS drops very steely. But the fps falls only when the mouse moves, if I don't do anything the fps is normal. But after restarting the computer, everything (for a while) becomes normal. Could you help me with this? With my computer, everything is fine (power) Mish - Logitech G102 Lightsynt, new. Intel core i5-9400F processor. GTX 1070 6 GB graphics card.

I have the same issues. Was fine until I noticed the problem today. I haven't played in a week or so. Maybe there was a patch?

I wonder if this is related to the stuttering issue others have reported with the latest NVidia drivers ?

i read something about console command d3dmouse something something. it seems to help it. but there was a driver update recently with nvidia and it did cause an issue in another game. after rebooting it was fine in the other game.

I had the same issue. Open the console and run the command d3d_WindowsCursor. It stops the stuttering entirely for me.

The latest NVIDIA 460.79 drivers are causing this problem.
You can downgrade your drivers to 457.51 to fix it.

Please report it to NVIDIA in Geforce Experience or in their Forum: