Bad connection

i have bad connection woth some players, but its ok with other. After all this connection is good for other games, but people sometimes call me lagger and kick from lobby. Idk whats going on, can some one tell me, is it my bad connection or something else, and can i fix it somehow. Advance thanks.

client.log ice-adapter.rar advanced-ice-adapter.rar game_22464437.log

This post is deleted!

is anyone here? Maybe I didn't add any logs?

Pinpointing lag issues can be very challenging - Especially with Supreme Commander, as it is using P2P.

  • If you are far from other players, this could cause lag with some, but not all players.
  • If your internet connection is poor, you can encounter issues as well.

You could try to determine the quality of your connection. If it has no issues, you can try to find out if certain players from other countries cause the lag with you (The country flag in the lobby tells you where they are located)

You can try to change the coturn server in the FAF client to something else (see client options), but I have no idea if that will be helpful in your case. But testing does not hurt.